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Birthdate:Oct 29

Hello, I'm Yin! :>

I'm sort of terrible when it comes to commenting, so please forgive me! I will try my best.

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, ((((゜д゜;)))), (=´∇`=), abusing vienna teng lyrics, alton brown's my hero!, amazing bouncing ferrets, awkward's the new cool, connor/geoffrey, ellipses sex, eric's song, fics that don't suck, green tea chocolate, happy endings, having totally baffling interests, i ♥ smiting morons, i'm going to hell, keyboard mashing, melting into my couch, moronic stoners in love, obsessively organizing, orz, really really delicious food, refreshing my network, straw stars, thornton hill, ψ(`∇´)ψ, , 宏x輝
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